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It’s time to understand the who, what, where, when and why of your website!

There’s a wealth of information in your Google Analytics just waiting for you to discover it. From how people are finding your website, to what content is working and what needs revamping, to when you should be sending emails and posting to social media. Using this information to your advantage can help you grow your business faster.

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Start Using Your Google Analytics To Accelerate Your Business Growth

Understanding more about your website and audience has the power to completely transform your business.

We get that Google Analytics takes time to understand and find your way around, precious time that you’d rather be spending on your business. So let us do the analysing and reporting for you. One of our certified Google Analytics specialists will deep dive into your analytics, finding the hidden gems that have the power to change your business and share them with you in a stylish, yet easy to understand report. You won’t have to spend hours, trawling through data, wondering if you’re looking at the right report. Instead you’ll have a stunning report delivered to you with all of the insights and none of the stress.

In our Google Analytics Report we’ll help you learn more about who’s visiting your website, how they find you and what content they love. You’ll also learn which social media channels are working for you and where you should focus your efforts. We’ll even give you a heat map showing you the popular times that people visit, so you can send out emails and post to social media at the right time to get the most website visits possible.

This 11 page Google Analytics Report includes:

  • Highlights/Overview
  • Channel Breakdown
  • Social Media Report
  • Device Analysis
  • Demographics Data
  • Popular Locations
  • Landing Page Content
  • Most Viewed Content
  • Exit Content
  • Sessions Heat Map
  • Recommendations/Insights

With this information you’ll be able to understand what actions you need to take to grow your business. Whether that’s create more content around a certain topic, refine your messaging to match your audience, update the targeting on your Facebook Ads or fix one of the steps in your sales funnel.

Super curious to see the final result? Take a look at our sample Google Analytics report.


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