Facebook Ads Audit Guide


Ready to transform your Facebook Ads account? Meet your new bestie!

This Facebook Ads Audit Guide includes a 29-page e-book that walks you through the process of auditing your account step by step. You'll also get 5 separate worksheets to help you audit your Facebook Ads account as well as track and improve performance.

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Increase Your Sales With Our Facebook Ads Audit Guide

Getting great performance from your Facebook Ads account is no easy feat. With so many things to juggle (campaigns, ad sets, ads, audiences, demographics, to name a few!) it can be hard to keep up with how your ads are performing, let alone keeping on top of optimisations! After coming across so many ad accounts in bad shape, we decided to take action and create this Facebook Ads Audit Guide. If you’re struggling with your Facebook Ads but can’t afford to get a pro in, or maybe you’re wanting to start taking on Facebook Ad accounts of your own, either way this guide is perfect for you!

With our Facebook Ads Audit Guide we’ll take you through:

  • How to set your ad account up for success
  • Creating the perfect Facebook ads structure
  • What to look for when auditing Facebook ads
  • Opportunities for testing ads to improve results

With our 29 page guide plus 5 different worksheets, you’ll be auditing your Facebook ad account like a pro without having to go through hours and hours of training, or spending huge amounts on testing. We share with you the best practices we use when taking low performing accounts and turning them around into successful, conversion driving machines.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re brand new to Facebook Ads or have been using it for a while, there’s something for everyone here!

If you’ve been running ads on Facebook for a couple of months now we’re confident that using the methods outlined in this Facebook Ads Audit Guide you’ll be able to spot wasted spend that more than covers the cost of this guide. If you don’t, or for any reason you don’t love the guide as much as we think you will, let us know and we’ll happily give you a full refund.

*Please note this is not an official Facebook Ads guide, but based on the best practices we use here at Beeson Media to transform our client’s accounts.


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