Paid Social is advertising through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This is usually done in the form of ‘sponsoring’ a post – paying for one of your social media posts to reach beyond your followers – but can take on many other forms too. Paid Social has risen in popularity over the past few years and is proving to be a very successful form of marketing.

Paid Social


There are billions of people across the globe using social media and many of those are using it daily. In addition to the huge amount of users that social networks boast, they also have incredibly detailed information about their users like name, date of birth, contact details, location, interests, occupation, associations, income levels, purchase behaviours and so much more. This gives advertisers the opportunity to target their ads and put them in front of people who are more likely to buy. This can often give Paid Social a higher return on investment than other channels as there is often less wastage when it comes to ad spend.


We currently offer advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you’ve not done any advertising on these networks before we can help you get setup with your advertising account, help you with Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager integration as well as pixel implementation. Our Setup packages start from £500 and our Management packages start at £400 per month.

Every company is different and as your business goals/plans are unique to you, most likely your marketing plan will be unique too. To have a package bespoke to your marketing goals get in touch and we’ll create the perfect package just for you.

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