Paid Search is advertising online through search engines including Google, Bing and YouTube. Ads are triggered by the search terms the user has typed into the search engine and generally appear at the top of the page before the organic (non-paid) results. Text ads are the most common but there are other types of ads too like Shopping and Display ads.

Paid Search - Google


With so many options for products and services now available people are doing more and more research before they buy. And where do you go when you want to find out information…? Google of course. With Google Adwords, Google’s advertising platform, you choose keywords that will trigger your ads when someone types them in. For example, Nike might sponsor the keyword ‘running shoes’. Appealing to someone when they’re in the moment of thinking about your product is a much more efficient way of advertising than traditional methods such as billboards or even TV/radio where the ad is paid for and shown regardless of whether the viewer/listener is even interested. With Paid Search, you pay when someone clicks your ad meaning your budget is spent on genuine responses to your ads.


We currently offer advertising through Google, Bing and YouTube. If you’ve not done any advertising on these networks before we can help you get setup with your advertising account and help you with Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager integration. Our Setup packages start from £299 and our Management packages start at £199 per month (for a spend of up to £1000).


Prices starting at...
  • Account Setup
  • Campaign Creation
  • Management for the first month
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • *Ad spend not included


Packages from only...
  • Campaign Management
  • Ongoing Optimisation
  • Regular A/B Testing
  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • *Ad spend not included

Every company is different and as your business goals/plans are unique to you, most likely your marketing plan will be unique too. To have a package bespoke to your marketing goals get in touch and we’ll create the perfect package just for you.

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