Facebook Ads

Facebook boasts over 1 billion daily users. No matter who your target audience is, they’re on Facebook and they use it a lot. Now is the time to reach them where they’re at with Facebook Ads.


Strategy & Research

All successful marketing campaigns start with good planning. We’ll research your competitors along with any existing activity you’re running and create a solid strategy to get your ads in front of the right audience. We’ll also use the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from running countless Facebook Ads campaigns to help your campaign get off to the best start possible.


Whilst there are vast amounts of people on Facebook, not all of them are your ideal customer. Showing ads to anyone and everyone is a sure fire way to waste your budget in minutes. We’ll use information from your website analytics (Google Analytics) to identify the attritubes of your highest converting customers and target these people. If women aged 35-44 from Newcastle typically convert better on your site, we’ll go after this market first.


With the help of the Facebook Pixel we can create groups of Facebook users (known as an audience) that have visited your site, or even certain pages of your site, but haven’t yet converted. These people know your brand, know your product but just need that little extra push to become a customer. Remarketing with the Facebook Pixel gives you the opportunity to re-engage these people with the right message.



Even the best campaigns out there need regular optimisation and testing to improve results. We’ll use a combination of your Facebook Ads campaign data along with Google Analytics data to find the best performing ads as well as the ones that could use a little tweaking. Optimisations will include ad copy and images, targeting (demographics, locations, interests, audiences), scheduling, landing pages and more!



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