Blogging has grown into a powerful business marketing tool and a way for companies to directly connect with their customers. Today there are millions of blogs, covering every industry and hobby imaginable. How can you stand out and avoid getting lost in the noise? There are loads of tactics you can try, but it all starts with having a solid basis. Get ready, because it’s time to learn the building blocks of every great blog post.


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Headlines That Hook

While you should make every part of your blog post to a high standard, headlines are a vital component that are often neglected. A tired, boring headline means the only person reading your post will be your mum. Take the time to craft a headline that’s clear on the value it provides, that appeals to both search engines and actual humans.

Protip: Once you’ve finished the post and have the key takeaway value clearly in mind, try different types of headlines and come up with at least five options before deciding on the winner.


Interesting Introductions

The headline may get readers through the door, but now you need to hold their interest. Spell out in greater detail the value for the reader; what will they learn? Reassure them they’re in the right place. Summarise what you’ll be covering while creating enough curiosity so they carry on reading.

Protip: A good way to do this is with story. That doesn’t mean you start with ‘once upon a time.’ Typical stories involve a hero overcoming a challenge; what challenges have you faced? Better yet, what challenges have your audience faced? Ramit Sethi uses this to great effect in his posts.



Valuable Main Content

It’s time to deliver the goods. The main part of your post should focus on providing in depth content that will help your audience. Resist the temptation to skim the surface. Instead, ask yourself: ‘Am I keeping the promise I made in my headline? Will this improve my audience’s life in some way? Is it worth the time they’ll take to read the post?’ Make it valuable, make it interesting.

Protip: Develop your unique voice. Coming up with a unique subject is impossible. But if you can combine valuable advice with your own experience, expertise and personality, you’ll stand out from the plethora of regurgitated content filling the web.


Conclusions & CTAs

Use the conclusion to sum up the content and ensure the reader leaves with actionable advice. The essential component is the Call-To-Action, commonly known as a CTA. As a business, every piece of content produced, no matter its format, should have a clear purpose for your company. For example, maybe you want people to try out your product/service, or to share your post on twitter. Think about what you’d like your reader to do, then ask for it!

Protip: Keep it simple. Finish off your post with a single, clear request and you’ll dramatically increase the chances of your post achieving the desired results.



While there are countless ways to optimise your post, from good use of paragraphs and white space to attention-grabbing images, at its essence these are the key elements of every great post. Use this as an outline to craft your own blog posts today and you can be sure you’re off to a great start.


If you need help getting the word out about your blog and business, get in touch today and let’s have a chat about how we can help you smash your goals.


Daniel Rose

Daniel works with IT and SaaS businesses looking to connect with their customers, creating engaging copy and content for their website. Pop over to or say hi on Twitter (@icaruswaspushed).

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