Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Website?


Websites are often treated as simply a point of sale or lead generation tool within business, but by using web analytics, you have the power to unlock a whole lot more.

By taking a look at your website analytics you can find out endless information about your website visitors and your customers. This data can be analysed and with a little business intelligence applied you can turn it into insightful information that can rocket your business growth. As they say, knowledge is power…

Analytics & Business Intelligence - Google Analytics Agency Newcastle
Analytics & Business Intelligence - Google Analytics Agency Gateshead


When you truly understand your customers, who they are, where they come from, what they respond to, you can make solid business decisions about where to invest your time and money efficiently. No more guesswork, let the data tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

Use your analytics information to help you discover new markets, uncover gaps in your digital strategy and ultimately increase leads, sales and revenue. Let analytics and business intelligence help you understand what channels are giving you the best return (Social Media, Organic, Paid Search, Email, etc) and which ones need a little more refinement.

Analytics and Business Intelligence gives you the data you need to help your business grow, now.


*Certain e-commerce setups require extra attention and may cost more. Contact us for a quote specific to your e-commerce setup and we’ll let you know if there will be additional costs.

Starting from scratch?

If you don’t have Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager setup yet we can get you up and running for as little at £400.

We’ll work with your Web Developer or Website Manager to get the Google Tag Manger code implemented on all pages of your website and set up your new Google Analytics account. After finding out what’s most important to your business (leads, sales, email sign-ups, etc) we’ll set up goal and event tracking in Google Analytics for you. We can even help you implement social media pixel tracking for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Already have Google Analytics installed?

If you already have Google Analytics installed we can do a site audit for you to make sure it’s tracking accurately and that you have all the goals and events that are important to your business set up. We’ll work with you to understand what’s important to your business and set up detailed reporting that will give you insight into what’s happening on your website and more information about your best performing audiences.

We can also deliver specific business insights as well as in-house training to help your teams understand the why behind the data.

Don’t need ongoing support? Take a look at our one off Google Analytics Report.

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